Brother, can you spare a flat?

16 10 2009

IMG_1433real estate office, Sopot

Getting your teeth drilled without anesthesia – that’s  what looking for a rental apartment and dealing with Polish realtors is like.

The real estate brokerage is a fairly new concept here and therefore mostly unregulated… and absolutely inane.  The agents don’t do much work for you – you bring them the listings you are interested in (found online) which they will show you and then expect at least one month’s rent commission (if you end up renting  the place).  But before you even set foot in the apartment, you must sign several documents agreeing to pay their commission (most of those signings take place in cars, elevators and hallways).  Since they do not like to share listings with each other, I have to contact a different agent for each apartment I find interesting.  As of now, I have met with 16 brokers…Trying to keep their names (and offers) straight is an exercise in futility.  I also have a stack of 36 “prowizja” agreements in my purse.

One sure thing in Poland you can count on:  the bureaucracy.




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