Sleepless in Gdynia

31 10 2009

My young landlord told me to “bring only your toothbrush, you will find everything else you might need at the apartment”.  Not so.  We moved in late Sunday evening, pulled up the bedspread and found a naked mattress.  A very hard, uncomfortable Polish mattress for a spoiled American derriereIMG_1470 😉  Too late to do anything about it that night.  So we slept on my pashmina, with the husband’s T-shirts serving as pillowcases over some makeshift pillows.

The next morning, still a bit disoriented, I called my friend.  “Go to JYSK” she advised.  We found the store on the other side of the railroad station, a small version of our Bed Bath & Beyond.  Two hours later, we boarded a bus with all the bedding and towels we needed.  Plus we ordered a memory foam mattress topper.

This will be the longest 2 weeks of my life.




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