All Saints Day

2 11 2009


November 1st in Poland was always a special day for me.  It meant visiting my babcia, buying a chrysanthemum plant, a few votive candles and making the annual trek to the Sopot cemetery.  We would visit my grandads site (both grandma’s husbands are buried in one grave – after all they have a love of one woman in common) and after some cleaning I was allowed to arrange the flowers and candles on top of the stone.  We would linger there, breathing in the scent of fallen leaves and votive candles, each of us lost in our memories of the 2 men:  for me it was the piggyback rides, trips to the candy store and pretty dresses at Easter.  For my grandma…well, I can only imagine.

A lot has changed in 40 years.  The Sopot cemetery has expanded tenfold.  The simple grave stones have been replaced by imposing monuments, the votive candles by expensive torches and the one-plant-per-grave no longer applies:  the cemetery is awash in colors and smells of all kinds of plants and flowers.

One thing has not chanIMG_1499ged – my grandma is still here.  Do you like how I arranged the flowers for you,  babciu?




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3 11 2009

I added you to my blog list on my blog. Thanks for the address.

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