Święto Niepodległości

22 11 2009

To an American, Independence Day is synonymous with parades, backyard barbecues and late night fireworks.

Polish Independence Day is celebrated  on November 11th, so we can safely rule out the backyard barbecue.  And due to the financial crises and serious budget cuts,  the city of Gdynia eliminated the fireworks part.  So we are left with a parade.

Now, I know that this particular holiday was mainstreamed only in 1989.  And that the Poles have a deep aversion to parades, stemming from  many years of compulsory participation in the May 1st celebrations.  And that quite a number of Poles consider “patriotism” an unpopular concept  in the modern world.

Still,  the main route of the parade in Gdynia was lined with spectators (3 deep),  hours before the noon commencement.

And what have we seen?  One marching band, 2 pre-war Citroens and a bunch of youths representing their respective Lyceums.  The parade was over in 29 minutes.

Piłsudski would’ve been nonplussed.




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